What is cellulite?

Cellulite affects 90% of women, nearly every women suffer from it, even the slimmer ones. Now, we'll present you the latest on cellulite, the methods to fight it and to get rid of it. Take notes.

  • There are 3 types of cellulite: soft, hard (or solid) and edematous cellulite.
  • The best 4 tips to remove orange peel skin: nutrition, exercise, aesthetic and corporal moisturizing. Discover the most efficient cellulite remedies.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is a problem that affects 90% of women and this problem only gets worse, especially due to the sedentary and stressful lifestyles that many women live on a daily basis.

Cellulite is due to a local circulatory trouble. Fat cells or adipocytes don't drain properly and the toxins and impurities are accumulated in a liquid form to start with, then it will thicken giving the different types of cellulite: edematous, hard or fibrous and soft or flaccid.

Causes of cellulite

The causes of cellulite are multi factorial. It's not only diet, bad circulation, inappropriate habits, lack of exercise or familiar heritage, but a sum of all of these elements.

Symptoms of cellulite

Cellulite manifests aesthetically under the form of dermal irregularities, the so well known “orange peel skin”, because of the structural alterations, inflammatory and morphological of the subcutaneous tissue.

How cellulite appears

Hereditary factors, inappropriate habits and hormones (estrogens) provoke the accumulation of fat cells known as adipocytes. The tissue who before was elastic and flexible, thickens and acquires a jelly like consistency, that keeps on getting thicker. In some cases the abnormal increase of fat in a zone dominates, but in other it's the accumulation of liquids, who creates edema and swelling because of the impossibility to get rid of toxins through circulation.

What provokes cellulite and how does it form?

The main causes of cellulite are genetic (if your mother had cellulite, you are likely to have it too), hormonal problems, first menstruation, contraceptives, pregnancies, circulatory alterations, sedentary lifestyle, stress, not drinking enough water, tobacco and alcohol consumption.
Cellulite: What is cellulite

Phases of cellulite

On a normal skin, blood flow is normal, and collagen and elastin fibers are intact.

Beginning of cellulite progression
cellulite 1st edematous phase
Liquid retentions starts in the conjunctive tissue.

cellulite 2nd edematous phase
Micro-nodules form with groups of 8 to 10 adipocytes.

cellulite 3rd edematous phase
The nodules of fat covered by conjunctive fibers transform into macro-nodules.
Macro-nodules of fat alter blood flow and block liquid pushing it out in the epidermis. Conjunctive fibers age and retract within.
The result is known as orange peel skin.

Remedies against cellulite

Cellulite can be fought with 3 groups of treatments, cosmetics and nutricosmetics, with physiotherapeutic treatments or surgical interventions. Cellulite is formed by accumulated localized adipocytes, characterized to be resistant to rigorous diets and physical activity, and they do not form because of obesity, they also appear in slim women.

Creams against cellulite

Anti-cellulite creams are directly applied on the orange peel skin. Their proprieties help skin regeneration, favor micro-circulation and mobilize accumulated toxins.

Products against cellulite

Nutricosmetics are food supplements with appropriate ingredients to favor the elimination of liquid retention and to mobilize fat deposits.

Massages against cellulite

Physiotherapeutic treatments going from massages to mesotherapy. Massages are useful to reduce cellulite. They have to be realized in a gentle way, with a special glove that favors lymphatic drainage and with an anti-cellulite creams too. The results improve since they favor the absorption and distribution of the anti-cellulite product.

Surgery against cellulite

Surgical interventions, like liposuction, is another possibility in some particular cases and when realized by competent professionals in authorized centers, is a definitive solution to get rid of cellulite.

How to fight cellulite

After the apparition of cellulite, you can find various sources for its apparition so that's why it's best to attack it on different fronts. To get rid of it, you'll need constancy and motivation, and there is a wide range of possibilities to fight it.

Treatments against cellulite

The fastest results are achieved through aesthetics treatments or medico aesthetics ones. In the first case, you have: cavitation, ultrasounds, radiofrequency, vacuum therapy and massages. For the medico aesthetics, one of the most known, is mesotherapy, a technique that consists in the intra-dermal injection of specific substances. This method, isn't a magic remedy, but probably one of the most efficient, affirm the experts.

Difference between cellulite and overweight

There's often a very popular confusion between orange peel skin and localized fat. Cellulite is an alteration that involves the deep layers of the skin and localized fat is an accumulation of adipocytes or fat cells in a determined area of the body which entails a local increase of volume.