Stretch marks: How to remove

Fight against stretch marks. Anti-stretch marks diet, physical exercise and adequate creams. We give you the keys to face this unaesthetic problem called stretch marks. Stretch marks removal.

  • Between the enemies of beauty, stretch marks are without doubt, the most difficult to fight in abdomen, hips and thighs.
  • Nowadays there are anti-stretch marks creams and aesthetic treatments helping to get rid of stretch marks. We're showing you the latest creams.

What are stretch marks. Step by step to reduce stretch marks

Stretch marks are the result of dermis elastic fibers breakage. This happens in the middle layer of the skin and it's caused by collagen and elastic fibers breakage, responsible to give support to the skin. Once appeared, it's almost impossible to eliminate them, especially if they are advanced. However, don't give up. We offer you some advices to fight it in all formation stages.

Stretch marks symptoms: what appearance have stretch marks

At the beginning scars have a pinkish color, then they become red and with time they turn to white. What happens it's that the skin stretches to accommodate the increased volume and as the skin is very elastic, it made it for a short time. In this way the dermis starts to heal with texture changes. The most common problem are in the thighs, abdomen, buttocks, hips, breast and arms.

Stretch marks causes: Principal stretch marks causes

Until now, it's believed that the principal scarring factor on skin is the brutal variation in body volume by its increase or loss, independently if it caused by obesity or pregnancy. The hormonal factor is determinant, simply there are people with more predispositions than others to have dermis breakage, without being the fault of an increase in volume. Another reason is a deficiency diet in vitamin A, E and C, essential to collagen formation. Be careful! The absence of those nutriments contribute to collagen loss, to stretch marks formation, to expression lines, lack of tonicity in the skin and wrinkles. The most common cause is genetic. Although of course to develop stretch marks it needs to be combined with other causes. Another one, is the muscular development, it happens sometime in bodybuilders. Muscles grow so much that the skin breaks creating stretch marks.

Stretch marks prevention: How to prevent stretch marks?

Dermatologists advise to prevent stretch marks as any dysfunction because it's more difficult to eliminate them because they require a more complex process like microdermabrasion, treatments with Retina A, laser treatments, the use of Alphahydroxy amongst many others. The most recommended is to control volume variations in the body by taking care of diet, however in the case of pregnancy, the situation is impossible. The only thing that doctors suggest is to always and at every moment, moisturize the skin. One good ally is Musk rose oil that can be used directly or mixed with your usual cream and can be found in any pharmacy.

Stretch marks prevention: Pregnancy stretch marks

During the nine months pregnancy, it's necessary to control with a lot of care the weight gain to arrive to the time delivery with only 8-12 kilos in excess. For this reason, it's advisable to overweight women to lose some weight before being pregnant.

Stretch marks removal: Remedies against stretch marks

With these remedies you'll succeed to reduce stretch marks. Follow these simple advices against stretch marks:

anti cellulite Avoid abrupt weight variations. These diets expose you to stretch marks formation.
anti cellulite Maintain your skin moisturized and it's better if it is with enriched creams with vitamin A and E.
anti cellulite Drink at least 2 bottles of water daily to hydrate your skin from inside.

Eliminate stretch marks: Stretch marks diet to fight scars

A diet rich in animal protein and vitamins A, C and E may help to prevent the apparition of stretch marks. For this, it's recommended to consume the following anti-stretch marks foods:

Animal proteins (dairies and derivatives, meat, eggs and fishes) reinforce tissues and muscles, and form skin foundations.
Vitamins, especially type A (contain in yellow-fleshed pulp fruits and vegetables and in dairy products, liver and eggs), vitamins C (present in citrus fruits, peppers, kiwis and tomatoes) and vitamins E (found in spinach, eggs, tuna and Brussels sprouts), fight against free radicals and favor the cellular regeneration.
Drink water, without forgetting to drink a lot of it (about 2 liters a day).

Stretch marks removal: Exercises to fight stretch marks

Having a regular physical activity allows to fight stretch marks. The results of the exercise are very useful to control weight and reinforce musculature, assuring an excellent cutaneous support. The “softer” disciplines are preferable like swimming and stretching.

Stretch marks removal: Powerful treatments against stretch marks

Only once the breastfeeding is finished, stretch marks problems can be fought in a radical way. Here you can find treatments that can be used against stretch marks.

Rederm against stretch marks: Lon the scars, the dermatologist injects stimulant substances like placenta, vegetable extracts, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and healing ones. Those products stimulate fibroblast formation, reinforcing skin and attenuating stretch mark aspect.

Salicylic acid peeling: It's a treatment more exfoliating and stimulating than the glycolic acid. It lowers the stretch marks edges and fills the internal area of the scars.

Stretch marks cream: Best creams against stretch marks

Creams against stretch marks double their efficiency if their actives go through the layers skin and arrive to the adipose tissue. A selection of the best products to prevent unaesthetic stretch marks apparition, or to fight them, once they have already appeared.

anti cellulite Anti-stretch marks product. Favors prevention and regression of the first stretch marks and nourish the skin.
anti cellulite Anti-stretch marks gel. Actives cells metabolism, stimulating collagen production.
anti cellulite Anti-stretch marks natural oil. Prevents and reduces stretch marks with 100% natural ingredients.
anti cellulite Anti-stretch marks lotion. Helps to prevent from the beginning the stretch marks apparition.
anti cellulite Anti-stretch marks emulsion. Anti-stretch marks body emulsion with olive oil gives flexibility and elasticity to the skin.
anti cellulite Anti-stretch marks firming. Prevents and repairs the possible apparition of stretch marks, and exerts a hardening action.
anti cellulite Anti-stretch marks rose. With principal actives of Musk rose, centella asiatica and collagen.
anti cellulite Anti-stretch marks double action. Pleasant texture with patented innovative actives of natural origin.
anti cellulite Anti-stretch marks moisturizer. Prevents and treats stretch marks creating a moisturized and elastic layer.
anti cellulite Moisturized body milk. Hydrates and restores necessary natural balance for the skin.

Anti-stretch marks cream: Choose an adequate stretch marks cream

It's recommended to apply daily specific anti-stretch marks products to give elasticity to the skin.

Amino-acids (protein substances like lysine, leucine and valine) contained in these products, maintain the skin more elastic and tone the tissues. Vegetable extracts (like ground ivy, equisetum and birch) stimulate collagen and elastin production, the fibers giving elasticity to the skin. Phytoextracts (like butcher's broom and horse chestnut) protect and improve micro-circulation, avoiding liquid retention and skin dehydration.

Anti-stretch marks cream: How to apply a cream against stretch marks

Use the cream twice a day (morning and night) and at least during a month. If you aren’t constant and do it every now and then, you won't see any results. To apply it, give yourself a massage of 5-7 minutes – the longer the better – to favor skin elasticity and waste elimination.