Treatments against cellulite

Discover the treatments that work on cellulite: cavitation, laser, radiofrequency and more. Get rid of cellulite, in only 4 sessions. How to remove cellulite. Take notes now.

  • How to remove cellulite? Medicine and aesthetic advances allow the use of non-invasive treatments, making it possible to avoid liposuction.
  • Today, anti-cellulite treatments help to get rid of cellulite. We'll show you the latest treatments and how to optimize them.

What is cellulite? Treatments to get rid of cellulite

The well known “orange peel skin” is only an accumulation of a thick liquid made of toxins and impurities that adipocytes (fat cells) couldn't properly drain. This accumulation produces a series of changes altering the balance of fibroblast cells, who are going to produce too much collagen provoking circulatory problems, the tissue doesn't feed itself efficiently, toxic substances accumulate, adipose nodules get bigger creating retractions and fibrosis is the tissue, and leaving that typical orange peel skin texture.

Medical treatments for cellulite (non surgical)

In the medical field, there is an increasing interest in studies and the development of techniques who are getting less and less invasive, and very reliable. Today, we have new treatments like ultrasound hidrolipoclasy, lipolyse laser and cryolipolysis.

anti cellulite Cavitation with ultrasounds

Medical cavitation, also known as ultrasound hidrolipoclasy, consists in eliminating cellulite fat with ultrasounds. The doctor, will before the application of ultrasounds, realize a series of infiltrations with an aqueous solution that contains, various substances, anesthesia, physiological serum and a vasoconstrictor, to facilitate drainage and therefore, a best elimination of fat. Result: Every session allows a loss of 2 centimeters. Session: It's recommended to do between 6 and 12 sessions, depending on the area to treat.

anti cellulite Lipolyse laser against cellulite

Lipolyse laser destroy localized adipose cells even in areas like the neck, the arms, the superior part of the abdomen and the knees. Session: This technique is done in one session, through a micro-canula of 1 millimeter, laser light goes through eliminating resistant adipocytes to diets and physical exercise. This laser provokes the rupture of adipose membranes and at the same time, the coagulation of surrounding blood vessels, transforming those membranes into an oily substance that the organism can absorb and eliminate in a natural way. Because this is a minimally invasive technique, the injuries are only small scars of 2 to 3 millimeters. Duration: It doesn't require hospitalization, a local anesthetic is applied with sedation and compressive bandages that have to be kept for 2 or 3 weeks

anti cellulite Cryolipolysis: Cold against cellulite

Cryolipolysis is a new technique absolutely harmless and selective in the destruction of fat tissue. An investigation made by Harvard dermatologists demonstrated that fat cells are naturally more vulnerable to cold than adjacent tissue, therefore they can be eliminated through the application of cold without harming the skin. What fat cells are exposed to cold, they begin to die (apoptosis) and they are then eliminated naturally by the metabolic process of the body. Results: The results, with a notable reduction of accumulated fat, are visible in their totality after 4 months of treatment.

Aesthetic treatments against cellulite

In the aesthetic field, many techniques are used, like carboxytherapy, cavitation (ultrasounds), endermology and radiofrequency.

anti cellulite Carboxytherapy against cellulite

Carboxytherapy is a non-surgical method that consists in the therapeutic use of CO2 in the subcutaneous tissue through a sterile needle (similar to the ones used for insulin injections). This technique is completed with a manual massage that helps the distribution of CO2 in the tissues, favored by the exchange with oxygen, which ends up producing a combustion of fat. The results can be observed straight away: the quality of the tissue improves, the skin is smoother and the affected areas slimmer. Session: The ideal is to do 2 or 3 sessions per week for a total of 18 to 20 corporal sessions, 30 minutes per session.

anti cellulite Cavitation against cellulite

Cavitation is a technique based on low frequency ultrasounds, disintegrating adipose nodules. This technique generates bubbles of air in the fluids of the tissue, destroying the membranes of the fat cells and transforming triglycerides in diglycerides, a substance that is more liquid so that the organism can metabolize it easily and then expulse it through urine and the lymphatic system. There are two ways to proceed: the medical one (see above) and the one in an aesthetic cabin, not with infiltrations but with a draining cosmetic and slower results. Duration: After the sessions (35 minutes), you'll have to drink 2 mandatory liters of water daily to facilitate the evacuation of fat and you'll have to wait 4 days for another session, the time necessary for the body to get rid of the destroyed fat. Result: You'll lose 2 cm in each session. Session: It's recommended to do between 6 and 12 session, depending on the area.

anti cellulite Radiofrequency against cellulite

Radiofrequency, well known in surgery for a long time, has adapted to aesthetic surgery to treat cellulite and flaccidity. Electromagnetic radiation is selectively applied in the deepest layer of the dermis and the subdermal layer of the skin (the epidermis is protected), they will generate a heat that will act on adipose tissue, favor lymphatic drainage and circulation in the treated area, improve cellular metabolism and provoke the formation of new collagen to firm the tissue. The procedure is easy: thee zone to treat is selected and then after the application of a fatty emulsion, the energy is transferred through a head that moves constantly over the skin. When the session is over, a gel of aloe vera is applied and it's recommended to drink a lot of water and avoid sun exposure in the next 48 hours. Session: Between 6 and 10 to see a good result.

anti cellulite Endermology against cellulite

Endermology is a French patented technique that fights cellulite and improves the condition of orange peel skin. It acts on cutaneous and subcutaneous conjunctive tissues. The hypodermis stimulates vascularization, toxins elimination and inter-cellular exchanges, mobilizing “conjunctive gel”. It reduces liquid retention favoring the good functioning of venous and lymphatic systems, and it also reduces volume.

Cellulite treatments: Consult a trustworthy professional

At the aesthetic level, what's really effective is the combination and union of strength, besides, it's also important to put yourself in the hands of a trustworthy professional that will study your cellulite and propose the most appropriate treatments.