Massages to remove cellulite

Experts praise the benefices of massage against cellulite. You can do it by yourself. And if you prefer leaving it to specialist, we'll explain to you the massages to fight it. Take notes on how to reduce cellulite and improve the unaesthetic orange peel skin.

  • The auto massage reduces, tones up and sculpt orange peel skin with your own hands. It's ideal for DIY girls (Do it yourself).
  • Today, anti-cellulite massages help to get rid of cellulite.

Cellulite massage 1: Drains and eliminates toxins

To stimulate the lymphatic system and fight liquid retention, try dry brushing and the detox power of algae.

anti cellulite Auto massage: Lymphatic drainage

THE POSTURE: Very popular in European spas, you'll only need a brush with natural bristles with a long handle and be in a standing position.

THE GESTURES: Start to brush the higher part of the back, doing gentle pressures towards the bottom. To stimulate the lymphatic system, always brush in the direction of the heart. Continue with the legs and arms, always brushing from the bottom to the top, on the shoulders towards the bottom, on the abdomen do circles from the left to the right and on the buttocks towards the top. After, play with the temperature of the water in the shower. First 15 seconds of cold water and then warm water for a minute, finish with cold water.

anti cellulite In cabin: Algotherapy

WHAT DOES IT CONSIST IN: It starts with pumping movements all over the body and then the skin is exfoliated with a bamboo peeling. Afterwards, an algae body wrap is applied and the body is covered with plastic drape and an electric blanket. The wrap is left for 15 minutes and then you can shower. A massage concludes the treatment. Price: $105 / 1 hour.

Cellulite massage 2: Reduce cellulite

Be your own alchemist and create an anti-orange peel skin massage oil. If you prefer, you can always enjoy a green coffee body wrap.

anti cellulite Auto massage: Reduce cellulite

THE RECIPE: Mix 60 ml of almond or jojoba oil, add 16 drops of ivy infused oil, 7 drops of rosemary essential oil and 2 drops of mint essential oils.

THE POSTURE: Sited with the legs bended, open knees and both feet together. Contract abductor muscles (inner part of the tights).

THE GESTURES: Apply the oil and do circular sliding movements. With two extended hands and firm pressure, start with the ankle and go towards the tights, insisting in the inner part of them and the love handles. Realize the massage slowly and repeat.

anti celluliteIn cabin: Green coffee anti-cellulite treatment

WHAT DOES IT CONSIST IN: The skin is exfoliated with circular movements and its rinsed down. Then a thermal reducing gel is applied to favor vasodilatation and next, a concentrate of green coffee. Afterwards, the wrap is completed with green coffee powder to activate the dissolution of fat and the elimination of toxins. Price: $70 approx. / 70 minutes.

Cellulite massage 3: Firm the buttocks, hips and belly

Realize this toning massage to fight cellulite and reduce orange peel skin.

anti cellulite Auto massage: Anti-cellulite firming massage

THE POSTURE: Lying with the legs stretched and the head slightly raised, like if you were looking to your feet, contract your buttocks muscles.

THE GESTURES: Apply an anti-cellulite creams and exert pressure with your fists closed and thumbs together, slide them from the hips to the belly. Repeat until the cream is totally absorbed.

FOR THE MORE EXPERIENCED: In the same position, bend the legs, raise the head without straining the neck and raise the pelvis. With closed fists, exert pressure on the hips and the belly. Contract the buttocks during all the massage.

anti cellulite In cabin: Wood therapy

WHAT DOES IT CONSIST IN: First an infusion is offered to increase the effect of the treatment. The zones to treat are localized and various essential oils with reducing properties are applied. Then, with 5 anatomically-sculpted wooden implements: the smooth roller, the striated roller, the cubes roller, the sculpting table and the Swiss cup.

RESULTS: It works on the side of the waist, cellulite, love handles and even the bust. You will notice a loss of volume and a visibly firmer skin from the third session. Price: $90 / 90 minutes.