Cellulite on the legs and thighs

Cellulite affects 90% of women. Summer is coming and it's the moment to show your legs. Are you prepared to successfully pass the exam. Now we present you the latest to eliminate cellulite on the legs. Take notes.

  • There are 3 cellulite types: edematous, hard (fibrous) and soft (flaccid).
  • Cellulite affects 90% of women. What is cellulite. Remedies to reduce cellulite. Methods to fight cellulite. How to get rid of cellulite.

What is cellulite on the legs (orange peel skin)

Cellulite is an adipose tissue accumulation in some areas of the body, especially on the legs. 90% of women have a certain grade of cellulite coming from a particular feminine hormonal component.

Cellulite is a hypodermis alteration evolving in 4 phases: circulatory ecstasy with heaviness in the legs and the beginning of “orange peel skin”, exudative phase with vascular dilatation and maybe some pain, fibrous proliferation phase with collagen degeneration and fibrosis phase which evolves with the progressive compression of blood vessels and nerves. Most common areas are the legs, the buttocks, the hips and the abdomen.

Cellulite on the legs: Eliminate cellulite on the legs

The 5 golden rules to get rid of cellulite

• Follow a healthy diet, drink liquids in abundance and avoid alcohol and tobacco abuse.
• Exercise and avoid a sedentary lifestyle.
• Choose adequate anti-cellulite products and apply them conscientiously all year long.
• Take nutri-cosmetics (or food supplements) to complete the treatment with creams or gels for the skin.
• Strictly follow the anti-cellulite rules.

The 5 prohibited rules to fight cellulite

• To be irregular with sport practice: avoid to over exercise and then not move a muscle for 2 weeks.
• Wasting a good anti-cellulite product applying it too quickly without covering all the affected areas and without massaging orange peel skin conscientiously.
• Slimming down and taking weight abruptly because no skin can resist this kind of experience.
• Increasing snacking and gastronomic caprices when a bit of weight has been lost.

Cellulite on the legs: Treatments against cellulite on the legs

The treatment for cellulite on the legs is multifactorial but there are 2 fundamental elements who help to achieve it successfully: starting at an early stage and be constant and following it strictly.

anti cellulite Exercises against cellulite

Exercising is recommended for all types of cellulite, to ease circulation and the compaction of the conjunctive tissue (orange peel skin). For overweight women, exercise has to be accompanied by an anti-cellulite diet allowing a gradual loss of weight. An abrupt loss of weight for those women with conjunctive tissue who's already suffering changes because of aging, may result in sagging skin.

anti cellulite Massages, hydro-massages and auto-massage

All massage variants are very beneficial to activate blood and lymph circulation, especially manual massages, pressotherapy and lymphatic drainage.

anti cellulite Products against cellulite

Anti-cellulite creams application needs constancy in time and in the application form. They must be used daily and all year long. The available products in the market contain active ingredients improving superficial blood circulation (horse chestnut), activating circulation (menthol, camphor) and reducing adipocytes fat (caffeine, guarana).

anti cellulite Foods and supplements against cellulite

In the latest years, food supplements have been formulated with an anti-cellulite action constituting supplements, often indispensable in topical treatments. They contain substances who fight cellulite on the legs from the inside, favoring circulation, decreasing liquid retention and improving fat mobilization which are the 3 fundamental cellulite causes. Their principal ingredients are: green tea, red tea, pineapple, wine seed, probiotics and fatty acids like CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid).

anti cellulite Medical treatment against cellulite

Cellulite treatments can come from a pharmacy, mesotherapy (with drugs infiltrations), surgical (liposuction), ultrasounds, lasers and electrotherapy. Normally those treatments are used for serious cases or perceived as serious for the woman.

Cellulite on the legs: Reduce cellulite on thighs

Thighs and buttocks musculature, rather large and because of its location, it's highly subjected to cellulite, to tonicity loss and to skin sagging. As in everything, age and hormonal changes also influence it. Even in young people, when for example, there has been a lot of weight-loss, it's known, that it affects muscle mass, deteriorating it.

Luckily, buttocks are muscles who respond well to stimulus, with only a practice of good habits and constant exercises it will offer appreciable results. Remember that accumulated fat and cellulite are tenacious, especially on the superior or inferior buttocks areas. For this reason, it's convenient to treat it as soon as possible because the adipocytes (fat cells of cellulite) have time and a great breeding ground for their proliferation, cellulite extends and eventually reachs all the buttocks surface. Its aspect will then be, in addition of bulging, full of pinholes, also known as “orange peel skin”.