Cellulite home remedies

Best anti-cellulite remedies to remove cellulite. Discover remedies to reduce cellulite through a balanced diet, some healthy habits, aesthetic and medical treatments.

  • Cellulite affects 90% of women, it's a horror in bikini. Anti-cellulite products have to be applied daily to reduce orange peel skin.
  • We can boost the anti-cellulite products with silicon gloves activating circulation. Take notes for this summer. Fight the cellulite!

Anti-cellulite creams: An ally to overcome cellulite

When it's time to apply anti-cellulite creams, it's recommended to do the following anti-cellulite ritual. In the morning and at night, apply anti-cellulite products with a massage. It always has to go in the direction of the heart, from the ankles to the abdomen for the legs, it's enough to do one circle with each hand and to go up with them with an ascendant and constant pressure. In the abdomen, the massage must be made through concentric circles.

Nutricosmetic: Formulas with anti-cellulite active ingredients

In addition to creams, cosmetic puts at your fingertips products to fight cellulite and the problems linked to it (overweight, liquid retention, etc...) who are more and more extensive and also specific:

cellulite Anti-cellulite tablets with ingredients who smoothen orange peel skin (pineapple and papaya enzymes), drain (Dandelion, cherry stem, blackcurrants) and activate circulation (red wine). This is the way to fight cellulite and fat accumulation “from inside”.

cellulite The latest for weight and fat reduction, it's green coffee, without a doubt, the trendy substance. The secret of success is one substance, chlorogenic acid, a polyphenol that acts directly on glucose metabolism achieving, amongst others effects, a decrease of liquid accumulation in the adipocytes (fat cells, ultimately responsible of cellulite) and a fat diminution.

cellulite Complete fat-burning foods specific for each morphotypes: pyramidal (25% of American women); rectangle (36%) and sand clock (39% of American women). They're elaborated with naturals ingredients like guarana, butcher's broom, yerba mate, or African mango.

Anti-cellulite products: Anti-cellulite spray (the latest)

cellulite Clothing against cellulite. Between the most innovative proposals for this season, we notice anti-cellulite clothing and anti-cellulite spray to apply on tissue for a constant and gradual liberation on the skin. Anti-cellulite active ingredients are contained in micro-capsules who are activated by friction between the clothing and the skin, liberating them in a precise way where the skin needs it most.

Anti-cellulite treatments: Cellulite removal machines

Treatments against cellulite are the most demanded in aesthetic centers. Cellulite can be improved with physical exercise, an adequate diet and combined treatments. Treatments also use creams and the lastest generation of equipment, helping to mobilize fat nodules. Mesotherapy virtual also can be used, radiofrequency, cavitation and personal training who are great for maintenance, improving corporal structure and giving firmness to musculature.

cellulite Radiofrequency: it's very efficient. Even incredible for some. The latest equipment achieves to “end” localized fat and cellulite in a record time and without any pain. This is due to the power of radiofrequency used, more efficient thanks to new applicators.

cellulite Ultrasounds and cavitation: reduce volume and cellulite, firming tissues and draining. The new equipment is doing everything in only one session of 45 minutes (once a week). Its secret to shape is a shock treatment to have a top silhouette, lies in the combination of targeted ultrasounds, cavitation and mono and bipolar radiofrequency.

Homemade anti-cellulite remedies: Bye-Bye to cellulite

Flaccidity is guilty of most orange peel skin dimples. If you stretch the skin and it disappears, it's a lack of firmness; if it stays there it a sigh of real cellulite. Follow our homemade remedies to reduce cellulite.

cellulite Balanced diet Eat less carbohydrates (pasta) and more proteins (fishes). Real strict diets make you lose water and muscle mass, producing sagging skin and orange peel skin.
cellulite Avoid fasting: Not eating activates some genes, elevating insulin and increasing fat reserves. It's better to do 5 light and healthy meals.
cellulite Exercises: Muscles elevates caloric output; cardiovascular ones burn fat; flexible ones accelerate recuperation. Do the three of them.
cellulite Posture: A good abdominal wall oblige us to walk straight and exercise our buttocks. Carry loads and take long walks.

Anti-cellulite exercises: Multiply anti-cellulite efficiency

Do exercises regularly to eliminate cellulite and orange peel skin. From 30 years old, it's recommended to do 30 minutes of walking or running per day, 20 minutes of resistance exercises (weight) and 10 minutes of stretching. You will achieve to reduce orange peel skin.