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Welcome to celebrities with cellulite. Cellulite affects all women, including celebrities. We'll show you pictures of celebrities with cellulite and the treatments that work in Hollywood celebrities.

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Celebrities with cellulite and orange peel skin

Discover now celebrities with cellulite. Cellulite is an inflammation characterized by orange peel skin “dimples”, mainly localized in the legs and buttocks. In some celebrities, cellulite is hard to hide, causing incommodity and shame. Next, pictures of celebrities with cellulite.

Celebrities with cellulite: Celebrity cellulite

anti cellulite Selena Gomez: Cellulite starts when you're young: « Cellulite usually appears around 20 years old », affirms a nutritionist. So, Selena Gomez cellulite is just getting started. But she doesn't want to worry too much: «I want to be a person who feels good in her own body», affirms the young singer, ex-girlfriend of Justin Bieber.

anti cellulite Britney Spears: Unbalanced diet: Britney Spears, singer and queen of Hollywood parties, has to take care of her diet and lifestyle. Our expert in cellulite affirms that an unbalanced diet provokes flaccidity and makes orange peel skin even more visible.

anti cellulite Alicia Keys: New mothers, be careful with cellulite: Alicia Keys just celebrated the birth of her latest baby, but she welcomed cellulite too. « Pregnancy hormones make the skin more flaccid and increases areas with accumulated fat, therefore cellulite looks worse », explains a doctor.

anti cellulite Blake Lively: The slim ones don't escape cellulite: The svelte Blake Lively, has all the requirements to have cellulite. «90% of women have cellulite», affirms a doctor. In fact, it's easier to find cellulite on slimmer women.

anti cellulite Gwyneth Paltrow: Exercises against cellulite: Even if Gwyneth Paltrow exercises a lot, a plastic surgeon affirm that: «Exercise can reduce localized fat but it doesn't work directly on cellulite appearance.» So the actress applies anti-cellulite creams, twice a day.
Celebrities with cellulite: Celebrity cellulite

anti cellulite Kim Kardashian: Cellulite from familial inheritance: «Diet and exercising cannot surpass the power of genetics», affirms a doctor. So it's very likely that Kim Kardashian inherited cellulite from her mother.

anti cellulite Jennifer Lopez: She accepts her cellulite: With time, skin gets more flaccid, making orange peel skin more visible, affirms a doctor. But Jennifer Lopez loves her silhouette: «Women need to stop worrying about cellulite!»

anti cellulite Jennifer Aniston: She can't get rid of cellulite. Jennifer Aniston admits, «I'm an anti-cellulite creams addicts». But our experts affirm that there isn't any cream or surgery that can really “erase” the texture of orange peel skin.

anti cellulite Sharon Stone: She displays her cellulite: The actress also has visible dimples of cellulite on her legs, but Sharon Stone, doesn't want to undergo a liposuction to get rid of cellulite. «I don't believe in surgery, but in a balanced diet instead. I have defeated cellulite when I was 40, 50 and 60 years old», affirms the actress.

anti cellulite Helen Mirren: Aging with grace: «An advanced age makes it harder to fight cellulite», affirms a dietitian. Love handles and tights are the usual cellulite areas. And Helen Mirren is no exception, but she has a style that we love!

Celebrities cellulite: How do celebrities manage their cellulite?

Cellulite or orange peel skin is an inconvenience for nearly all celebrities. We'll resume the main methods used by celebrities against cellulite. Reducing cellulite is possible but it isn't simple:

1. Follow a diet rich in fibers (vegetables) and antioxidants (fruits).
2. Physical exercises, at least 45 minutes daily of cardio or cycling.
3. Strength exercises to reinforce legs and buttocks.
4. Massage: massage the area affected from the bottom to the top.
5. Anti-cellulite creams: apply anti-cellulite creams daily.
6. If cellulite persists, consult in an aesthetic center or a doctor to definitively get rid of it.

Celebrities use, without a doubt, the best treatments, the more advanced ones – and expensive ones – to get rid of cellulite. But a few anti-cellulite rules can prevent and eliminate orange peel skin especially in the legs and buttocks. It's time to get rid of cellulite.