Exercises to remove cellulite

Exercising is essential to get rid of cellulite and to increase the efficiency of anti-cellulite creams. Run, roller skate, do gymnastics. Discover the exercises to get rid of cellulite from home.

  • There are many factors that can trigger the apparition of cellulite, those are the most important ones: sedentary lifestyle, bad circulation, excess of weight, stress, diabetes and hereditary factors
  • Discover the best exercises to get rid of cellulite and orange peel skin.

Tips and benefices to get rid of cellulite

Next, a series of exercises to get rid of cellulite. You can realize these exercises at home or at the gym. Besides, they help to reinforce the buttocks and they even help to drain the excess of liquid in the legs, improving the aspect of orange peel skin and cellulite. To totally get rid of cellulite, in addition to the proper realization of those exercises, it's important not to drink alcoholic beverages, sweet drinks, industrial juices, foods rich in fat and sugar and adopting a new lifestyle to achieve satisfactory results.

The Squat, the best exercise to get rid of cellulite

How many times have you heard of “squat” and you've wondered what are its benefices? Today, we'll clear your doubts, telling you what it is, what it can bring you and how do it safely and efficiently.

anti cellulite What is it and what does it do?

Squat is one of the best exercises to get rid of cellulite, it permits to reinforce and tone the tights and buttocks. It's a closed kinetic chain movement, meaning, with the feet fixed to the ground, it makes all the muscles of the tights and buttocks work, completely reinforcing the bones, ligaments and tendons.

The main benefice? A long term reinforcement who guarantees efficient movements and reduces the risk of accidents or articulatory problems. From an aesthetic point of view, it's a good process of localized slimming down who gives firm buttocks and svelte legs.

anti cellulite How to do them without equipment

It's a very easy movement, but its good execution requires a strong and precise coordination of all muscular groups:

Exercises against cellulite: SQUAT

• Ouvrez les jambes de façon à avoir les pieds à la même amplitude que les hanches et les épaules.
• Open the legs in a way so that your feet are aligned to your hips and shoulders.
• Slightly bend your legs keeping 40 cm of distance between them.
• Contract your abdominals keeping your back as straight as possible.
• Inspire, contract your buttocks and go down until your tights are parallel to the ground.
• Be careful not to put your weight in front, to avoid to surcharge your knees.
• Slowly go back to the initial position.

How to firm buttocks at home (exercises to remove cellulite)

When we talk about a perfect physical shape, there is one part of the body that we all want to sculpt: the buttocks to get rid of cellulite and to fight the unaesthetic orange peel skin. What are the most efficient movements to firm them? How to do them?

anti cellulite What is and does the wall squat do?

The wall squat is one of the best exercises to tone up and reinforce the musculature of the lower limbs and to get rid of cellulite. It's an easy movement, if executed properly, it intensively works all the muscles of the legs, buttocks, abdominals and lumbars.

Stand up with your hands on your hips, your feet aligned with your shoulders and the tips outwardly; bend your legs and contract your abdominals and lumbars so that your back stays straight; go back to the original position and repeat the exercise, following the routine.

Anti-cellulite exercises: Wall Squats

Anti-cellulite exercises: Wall Squats

If you feel any kind of pain or discomfort in the knees, hips or vertebral column while doing these exercises, consult a specialist. A coach can create a series of personal exercises to get rid of cellulite an reinforce buttocks that you can do at the gym, to complement these exercises.

Can exercises really reduce or prevent cellulite?

Physical exercise plays a big role in preventing and reducing cellulite, because it activates metabolism, burns fat, diminishes levels of stress, tones up and firms the skin, and improves circulation. In any case, use light weights to avoid worsening cellulite because the fibers that sustain the skin can stretch it even further, therefore more cellulite will be visible.