Creams against cellulite

When the good weather arrives, cellulite becomes the number one goal of corporal treatments. Take notes on how to face it and improve orange peel skin aspect. Best anti-cellulite creams.

  • Cellulite affects 90% of women, even the slim ones.
  • Nowadays, there are anti-cellulite creams and aesthetic products helping to get rid of cellulite and of the extra centimeters. We show you the newest creams and how to get the most of them.

What is cellulite. Step by step to reduce cellulite

Cellulite is mainly a feminine problem. And because “orange peel skin” is due to the action of estrogens, a hormone that is very present in women organism. Its activity provokes fat cells (or adipocytes) that are beneath the skin to fatten progressively (they're able to increase their size up to 100 times) and form the famous “dimples”. And when more hormonal factors interfere (pregnancy or menopause) it gets worse. But there are ways to fight it with anti-cellulite creams.

Anti-cellulite creams: Formulas with various anti-cellulite actives

The different active ingredients of a cream don't have one specific effect, together they multiply them, in comparison of when used separately. Besides caffeine who is present in most creams for its lipolytic effect, it must contain at least 2 of these active ingredients:

anti cellulite L-carnitine, transforming fatty acids into energy.
anti cellulite Micro-circulation activators, like red wine and ginkgo.
anti cellulite Inhibitors of the formation of new adipocytes, like forskolin and glaucina.
anti cellulite Draining ingredients, like salicylic acid reducing dimples.
anti cellulite Reaffirming, like silica and centella improving skin quality.

Anti-cellulite creams: Textures of anti-cellulite creams

Serums and sprays are absorbed quickly and don't leave residues. However, these formulas contain alcohol drying the skin. Used time by time, an anti-cellulite cream formulated as an emulsion or as a creamy texture are richer and in addition it obliges you to massage which increases the efficiency of the product.

Anti-cellulite creams: Choose the best anti-cellulite cream for you cellulite

Most of the creams contain caffeine and carnitine, two high powerful lipolytic or “fat-burners” actives (green coffee, cacao, green tea). They should also contain actives like glaucina and forskolin preventing the maturation of adipocytes to avoid fat accumulation.

Creams against solid or hard cellulite:

Use creams that contain a high rate of lipolytic (green coffee, cocoa, green tea). It is also important that they include active ingredients such as the foskoline and the glaucine, which prevent adipocyte maturation, then they can't store fat.

Creams against edematous cellulite:
Opt for creams with draining or disinfiltering actives (equisetum, hamamelis, ground ivy); reinforcing blood vessels (horse chestnut, butcher's broom, vine) and improving blood circulation like ginkgo and menthol. The last one is often in serums and gels for its pleasant refreshing effect.

Creams against soft cellulite:

Choose anti-cellulite creams with intensive action or for “rebel cellulite”. They have the highest caffeine percentage (5-6%) and actives that can break cellulite nodules (seaweeds, pineapple).

Creams against mixed cellulite:

Use two creams: for the night when fat accumulates, apply the cream for adipose cellulite; and in the morning, the specific one for adipose cellulite, relieving your legs all day long.

Anti-cellulite creams: How to apply an anti-cellulite cream

Use an anti-cellulite cream twice a day (morning and night) and at least during one month. If you aren't constant and you do it from time to time, you won't see any results. To apply it, give yourself a massage of 5-7 minutes – the longer the better – to break cellulite nodules and favor waste elimination.

Anti-cellulite creams: Products to apply anti-cellulite cream

An anti-cellulite cream has a double efficiency if its active ingredients go through the layers of the skin and arrive to the adipose tissue. Two infallible techniques:

anti cellulite The roller. A roller equipped of micro-needles which, without damaging the skin, open micro-canals in the epidermis and allow a better active diffusion. Use it (gently) before and after to apply cream against cellulite.
anti cellulite The wrapper. Wrap well the zone with orange peel skin with transparent kitchen film or a garbage bag. The heat “opens” pores and improves anti-cellulite cream absorption. Let it act between 1 and 2 hours.

Anti-cellulite creams: Get the most of the cream with an anti-cellulite massage

The massage helps the cream to be absorbed, mobilize the water and favor collagen formation. It must last 5-7 minutes.

With the palms of your hands apply the cream with an ascendant movement in your thighs and in a circular motion (in a clockwise direction) around the navel.
Pinch a fold of skin and relieve it. Repeat from the top to the bottom in the abdomen and from inner and outer part of the thigh.
With your fingers “in rake”, glide your fingers 5 times on the thighs from the bottom to the top.
Join both hands together around the ankles and get them up 5 times more to the groin.

Anti-cellulite creams: Multiply the efficiency of anti-cellulite creams

One spray for clothes, one wrap, exfoliate skin...These are very simples gestures who will help you to get out the most of your anti-cellulite creams. A healthy life associated to a wise dose of specific cosmetics, this is the base to stop cellulite.

1. Enrich your anti-cellulite creams

Add 2 drops (only 2) of an essential oil activating circulation like cypress or rosemary. Put in your hand the same amount of cream (don't put them in the pot) and apply them straight away to keep their proprieties. The anti-cellulite effect of your cream will be improved.

2. Exfoliate your skin

If you prepare the area where you are going to apply the cream, it will act better. The peeling activates circulation and eliminates dead skin that prevents the proper penetration of the cream. Once a week, massage the skin softly with a dry glove for 1 or 2 minutes or use exfoliating body scrub with micro-beads before applying the anti-cellulite product.

3. Help your body from within

Have a healthy diet, poor in salt and saturated fats. Food supplements (capsules and infusions) of draining and detoxifying liver action (milk thistle, artichoke, boldo, orthosiphon, etc...) also help to increase the efficiency of the anti-cellulite cream.

4. Physical exercise: double benefice

The anti-cellulite cream mobilizes fat but doesn't burn it. It needs physical activity for the fat to burn and to be converted into energy. If you apply the cream before doing an aerobic exercise (walking, running, one step or zumba session, etc...) both actions - mobilize and destroy – are interconnected.

5. Moisturize your skin

If you apply a moisturizing cream just before an anti-cellulite cream, epidermis fills up with water and anti-cellulite actives penetrate with more ease. You must wait a few minutes between each action for a maximum absorption of each of them. Moisturizing creams with retinol are specially efficient because they're smoothing the skin.

Anti-cellulite creams: The newest cellulite creams

Put anti-cellulite products on your clothing. Sprays that are sprayed on clothes are the latest to fight cellulite. They're pulverized on the internal part of your clothes before dressing yourself (trousers...) and the friction between the tissue and the skin liberates actives directly into the affected area.